Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Angel Cried

I love that hymn, and I love how my two year-old jumps up and dances in the middle of Liturgy when the choir sings it! Tonight is the last time we'll hear it sung, and what make it so much sadder is that the hymn will be sung without the beautiful voice of one of our tenors. The servant of God, David, passed away yesterday. I have such fond memories of his strong voice, as it led the choir during my childhood. My nephew had a particular fondness for him, and whenever his voice was heard alone during an antiphon, Julian would yell, "There's Mr. David!" If angels do cry, they will cry tonight. Memory Eternal!

This Paschal season has been very special for me. Having the kids home allowed us to participate in more of the services, and our lessons taught us so much! We had our first experience with kulich, tsoureki, and our new cheese mold. It has been a wonderful 40 days.

Christ is Risen!

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