Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June Happenings

It has been a very busy summer! We've been doing a lot of work in the backyard. I'm very proud of our little patch, as you can see above! We have continued our Latin studies at home, and all last week we were busy with our church's Vacation Church School. It was a wonderful week, and my good friend has lots of info and pictures from it here.

A few days ago, I took my oldest to Camp St. Thekla. This was his first year as a camper, and I think my husband and I were just as excited as he was! I spent all my summers at Antiochian Village, and that's where I met my husband. We were both counselors there, and I actually served as a counselor for the first two years of Camp St. Thekla. My son has been ready since age 5!

Turning into the driveway of the camp was just as emotional for me as a parent as it was as a camper and counselor! My dearest friends are those I met at camp, and there's a bond that only those who have experienced camp can understand. I found myself tearing up constantly during my son's first hour there, but it wasn't really sadness. It was the overwhelming feeling of coming full circle. This was a HUGE milestone for him. He now shares something with his parents that his siblings don't, yet. That same bond that connects camp friends now connects parents and child!

I will admit that after 12 hours of driving, I collapsed at home and let out some Mommy tears. It was hard to come home to his empty room, and we won't be able to speak to him for a week, which is a first. I left him in good hands, though! I'm sure he's having a blast.

Here are a few phots of his first day.

Gassing up for the trip.

Our parish's caravan

Officially registered!

Mom felt much better after helping him make his bed!

Outside his lodge with his counselor, and first cabin-mateOn the left is Fr. Philip, the Camp Director. (I actually had Fr. Philip's younger sister as a camper MANY years ago!)

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