Friday, May 15, 2009

Winding Down and Gearing Up!

It seems that even though our school year is winding down, scheduling and planning are gearing up! I have spent the past several weeks not only planning next year's school schedule and curriculum (which you can read about here), but I have also been working on plans for my home and myself! I have serious plans to declutter my house this summer. My 3 children will be spending 2 weeks with my in-laws in New Jersey, and instead of my husband and I taking any major trips, I asked to spend most of the "vacation" at home. I am hoping to work on the kids' closets, attic, and basement while they are away.

I thought I'd share my 4 favorite books/websites for organizing your home, family, and self!

For the Home: Flylady has been my saviour since my 9 year-old was an infant. As life changes, I definitely fall off the wagon, but I always have her routines to get me back on track.

For the Family: Managers of Their Homes has been a Godsend. My good friend Anne Marie recommended the book, and though overwhelming at first, it has changed everything! I have been considering Managers of Their Schools, but would love any opinions of those who have used it.

For Me: A Mother's Rule of Life has really put everything about MY life in perspective. It goes through the 5 P's (prayer, person, partner, parent, provider) and has helped me tremendously. My new favorite book is not a self-help book really, but it feels like one! If you haven't gotten a copy of Close to Home, by Molly Sabourin, get one! It's a very candid look into the life of an Orthodox mom, struggling to get it right, just like the rest of us. (BTW, Conciliar Press is doing maintenance, so the link to the book above will not work until 5/16/09)

So here's some good summer reading! If you have any specific questions about any of the books or Flylady's system, ask away!

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing my curriculum for the next school year, and my yearly school schedule for 09/10 over at St. Artemius Academy.


Lucy said...

I started reading your blog just recently. But I thought this was funny, because three of your books are my favorites, too! My Bible study group read Mother's Rule of Life three times. :) And we all use Flylady in some form or another. I have never read Managers of Their Home. But if it fits with these books, I probably should.

I'm looking forward to seeing your curriculum.

Marian said...

Dear OneThingNeedful,

I don't know your name but I'm quite indebted to you as an Orthodox sister in Christ.

I'm a relatively new mom (I have a 1 y o) and our family lives far from my hometown and home parish so I've been having a rough time finding godly fellowship, inspiration, and advice. Our city doesn't have an Orthodox school that I'm aware of, and in an early search for one for our daughter, I stumbled upon your blog after stumbling upon orthodoxmom's. I just wanted to say a million times over, THANK YOU for posting about the Flylady!!!! It has changed our home dramatically in the last month and I've kept telling my hubby I have to email that Orthodox mom who posted about it to thank her for sharing...I've since shared with others too and they (and their marriages) have been blessed by this simple act of posting about the Flylady too.

God bless you abundantly.