Monday, September 29, 2008

Time to Balance the Scales!

Calmness and order come and go in waves in my household. There are always seasons when the scales tip the wrong way. Things are definately getting out of balance in my house! The signs are all there: messy pantry and closets, trashed out car, no clean underwear. Can anyone relate? When I see the signs in my house, it usually signals a problem.

As I was putting away laundry today (the first of many loads!), I tried to analyze the causes. Here in the south, school has been underway for almost 2 months. Teachers have ended their "easing in" period. Homework has started coming home, tests are being given, and projects are already underway.

We are now out 3 nights a week for sports: 2 soccer practices and a gymnastics class.

To top it off, my 16 month-old has recently decided to give up her morning nap (otherwise known as 2 hours of precious clean-up time).

All this adds up to chaos! Right around the corner are the upcoming seasons of Advent, Christmas, a trip to Disney World and my two older children's birthdays. Within the next several weeks, things are going to get crazy! There will be an influx of church services, parties, and a HUGE influx of "stuff" into our lives.

It's time to change my routine! I have gotten spoiled over the past few months. With the kids home, nights free and two naps a day to get chores done, I've put off adjusting to our new schedule.

Before it gets any more chaotic I need to take the time to make a plan. The first step is to make a list of tasks that need to be done inside the home. Before November 15th, I need to rid our home of clutter. This especially applies to toys! We have a tradition in our home that we have to give away a large number of our older toys before we can receive any Christmas or birthday gifts. My older two have birthdays in the first two weeks of January. This is our "pre-Advent" tradition, and serves as a reminder for the upcoming season.

So if you're starting to see the red flags in your own household, make a plan now! Before you know it, Advent will be upon us. Do the work and planning now, so that you can enjoy your Nativity traditions without distractions.


h west said...

I can TOTALLY relate to this. And, I was right where you were today- the laundry room! And. . .cleaning the bathroom. You have a great thought pattern with the getting ready for Advent idea. Never thought of it that way! I'll have to prepare for preparation!

she who must be obeyed said...

I always like to have my winter "spring cleaning" the week before advent begins, it makes it so much calmer - and of course, makes decorating so much more fun! I have a long way to go in the house cleaning dept these days - but the decluttering really helps!

Jennifer said...

We've had complete and utter chaos in our home as well. I was digging through a mound of laundry that had piled up in the master bedroom yesterday. Still didn't finish it either. Everyone got sick and things just literally piled up. And now I get to play catch up. Next step - getting ready for a move! Christmas this year will be in a hotel. Wee!!