Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saint Thekla

Tonight I went to a Supplicatory Service for St. Thekla. Our teens hosted this service, and it was a small gathering. It touched me, though, because all those present seemed to have a personal relationship with St. Thekla. Her day of commemoration is on September 24th.

She is special to me for so many reasons. She is one of the patron saints of Antiochian Village, the camp I attended for many years. It was there that I met my husband, at age 16. Our diocesan camp, Camp St. Thekla, is also named after her. I have always considered St. Thekla a major influence on my marriage. I often ask her to intercede on my behalf, and I believe her intercessions helped bring us together.

I went to the service tonight to honor her, and ended up sharing the story of her intercessions with the teens who were gathered there. It was a blessing for me, because my parents were in attendance, and were able to hear the story for the first time.

If you are unfamiliar with St. Thekla, I encourage you to learn more about her. She is considered equal-to-the apostles.

Troparion to St. Thekla

O glorious Thekla, companion of Paul the divine, you were enflamed with the love of your Creator, by the teaching of the divine preacher. You despised the passing earthly pleasures, and offered yourself to God as an acceptable and pleasing sacrifice, disregarding all suffering. Intercede with Christ your Groom to grant us His great mercy.

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Jennifer said...

Such a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing this, and the information about the Antiochian Village. I had never heard of it.