Sunday, October 5, 2008

Great Way to Get Rid of Clutter!

A few days ago, I posted about "preparing for preparation". I am on a mission to rid our home of clutter and excess "stuff" before the Advent season. This weekend I decluttered our bonus room (which will hopefully and eventually become our schoolroom), and then my son and I cleaned out his closet.

The one thing that usually holds me back from decluttering is, "What do I do with all these toys, clothes, tupperware?" In my case they tend to go into a box and get dumped into my basement. This is not decluttering, it's moving stuff around! I never get around to packing it all up and driving it to a donation drop-off. Knowing that it's my tendancy, I have put off decluttering, because I don't want to just move stuff around anymore.

I have found a WONDERFUL way of getting rid of the stuff! It's called Freecycle! Just visit the website, enter your city and state, and you're sent to a yahoo group that helps you easily get rid of ANYTHING. Today I filled a huge box with old toys, and filled a 55 gallon trash bag with 70 stuffed animals. At 5pm I posted them on my local freecycle group and by 7:15pm the lucky new owner picked it all up and drove away with it. All I had to do was decide who I wanted to give the stuff to! They come get everything, and I'm free of a whole room of clutter within a couple of hours.

So now my goal is to see how much stuff I can give away before November 15th!

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Jennifer said...

That's a nice idea. I usually just throw everything in the trunk and ship it off to goodwill, but they don't usually take toys at the location we go to.

We're moving soon, and I'm looking to get rid of some stuff too. We definitely need to simplify before we go clear across the country!