Thursday, January 29, 2009

Win an Orthodox Icon Bracelet!

Sylvia, over at Adventures of an Orthodox Mom, is giving away a beautiful icon bracelet. Click on the link to enter to win it!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Life is Getting Back to Normal, and Resolutions (or lack thereof)

Finally, I can say hello! I have been trying to find the time to post over the past few weeks, but life has been hectic! We had a fun Christmas break, with a trip to Disney World the first week of January. We started our first semester of homeschooling on the 5th of January, and my older two both had birthdays in the past week!

So, now that the craziness (or extra craziness) has past, we're getting back to "normal".

Now that I have two blogs, I may not post on both as often. My goal is to keep our home school discussions and issues separate, so you won't see much school talk here. Please visit my sister blog often, though, since I am still a baby home educator!

I'm not really the resolution-type, but I do have a few BIG goals for the new year. My prayer life is still my biggest struggle, and Satan is doing his best to keep it that way. A friend introduced me to A Mother's Rule of Life, and I have been struggling to get through the book for several months. It is not a long read, or even a hard read, but I have been tempted away from it over and over, and every time I pick it up , my mind is bombarded with interruptions, distractions, and even confusion. This tells me I REALLY need to read it. So often our One Thing Needful is the one thing that the evil one tries to keep us from.

My other goal, is the other thing I've been struggling with (my whole life). De-cluttering. My house is pretty straight if you don't look that carefully. Closets and drawers, however, are my nemesis. I've been slowly working on this, but as soon as anything pops up, like holidays, trips, birthdays, or sickness, my closets just fill up!! At this moment, you can barely walk into my bedroom closet. I am hoping that by the spring I will have my closets under control. The trick is when to clear them out, and how to keep them that way. Please comment on any of this if you have things that work, or don't work for you!

There's my day-to-day in a nutshell right now!